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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Rupee for petroleum

Lately the financial newspapers and blogs have started carrying loads of hu ha about petroleum and currencies ... should crude be traded in Euros ? ... should it be priced in Dollars ? ... does it really matter? ... who keeps his forex reserves where? ... who's weaving a basket for his currency? ... the issues are every where ... so I have come up with this novel suggestion

It would be good fun if, instead of running after dollar, pound, yer and euros, the persian gulf countries moved on to the Indian Rupee ... moving to the rupee wouldn't be such a strange thing for the sheiks ... they are already familiar with it ... in the olden times the Indian Rupee was in wide circulation in the gulf ... things went to such an extent that RBI had to issue special notes, popularly called gulf rupee, for the region ...

The gulf rupee was similar to the indian rupee except the fact that it was in different colours and the serial numbers included an extra "Z". Here's how the 1, 5,10 and 100 gulf rupee notes looked like (pics taken from Qatar Central Bank site)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Gaining weight - Fat a fat

There used to be a time when I could eat anything ... and not worry about my weight ... infact watching weight was the kind of stuff that girls did ... Those were such lovely days, I could eat to my hearts content with blissful abandon ... Mithais, chocolates, ice-creams, kingfishers .. triple helpings of everything ... sub chalta tha ... sub khoon maaf they

All that has changed now ... I am putting on weight on regular food ... don't know why ... its sort of scary ... i am already 85 kgs with a 40 inch paunch ... is this the onset of middleagedness ????

Block out

A new strategy to break out of the writer's block has just chamkooed to me.
Write short posts .. which don't require too much of thinking or typing.