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Friday, December 29, 2006


My last post would have given you the impression that I would never go for a repeat biopsy.

But lately, the doctor whom I am consulting for a second opinion (Yes Uncle, i went to Dr Kuplati... finally) has dropped some serious sounding words "thymoma" and "Thymic Lymphoma". This has scared me enough to get a second biopsy done. Thankfully, this time the biopsy-doctor was better skilled than the neanderthal-butcher who poked me the last time.

Results will be out in another 3-4 days.


Anonymous said...

Feel so sorry for u...

baawara said...

Nothing to feel sorry about...that's life... its funny at the best

Vineet said...

Aalam bhaee, yaar bhooley bhatkey aapke blog pe pahuncha ... lekin ye kaisa samachaar sunaya aapney ... kab aa rahee hain reports?

Anonymous said...

Reports seem to be less scary!.
Good for u!!!!!!!!!!

Manchus said...

Sorry that you have to go through this.
Getting treated for TB is the safest bet. With the Lymphatic TB, guess the doctors are always confused. That is my experience and observation. Don't worry!! things will be alright if you take medication on time.

Happy New Year to you,Afshan & Shums!!