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Monday, March 05, 2007

Chemo 7 - A Dip in the sea of humanity

The sight was overwhelming ... The waiting area (with rows of fixed metal-bucket-chairs, an overworked fan and a TV) was full ... the hallway, with a continuous run of backless-wooden-benches, was full too (the less inhibited were squatting on the hallway floor) ... The elevator and stairway landing was substantially big ... it had plastic seats arranged in tight rows ... these rows too were full ... so were all leaning spaces on stairway railings ... the stairs themselves (except for a small way for people to climb) were full ... the crowd had overflowed down to the ground-floor ... which also had seats ... all fully occupied .. to the last broken-three-legged-seat and one more ...

And into this vast sea of humanity two more drops were added - Afshan and Tanweer Alam ... the concerned-wife and first-time-outpatient ... walked in to the Friday OPD - Department Haematology, Christian Medical College, Vellore.

I wasn't actually anticipating a quite stroll straight into the doctor's room ... I expected a Queue, with most seats in waiting area occupied ... but this was slightly beyond my expectations ... this was more like the crowd outside an small-town-cinema-theatre ... waiting for tickets of first-day-first-show of a mega block buster (perhaps starring Govinda and scantily-clad-item-girls) ... Only that people were less loud, more civilized and there was no pushing and shoving (maybe because a substantial chunk of the people were seriously ill ... and the rest were anxious and concerned relatives)

Earlier ... the day started with a morning trip to the Hospital ... I gave blood sample at 8:30 AM (the blood count report is a prerequisite for Chemo) ... Then we went to "Saravana Bhavan" ... which is one of the best chains of eateries for dosas, Idlis, Vadas, Murrukks and the kinds (the firang junta need not feel left out here ... they have eating joints all over the world) ... then Home ... Bath etc ...

By 1:00 pm reported to Heamat MRO (with appointment slip) ... MRO guys kept us waiting for 20 minutes, did something with our file and then sent us to the OPD ... which had the legendary crowd ... we stood waiting for an hour ... then Afshan had the bright idea of putting some guilt in the heart of one of the sitting relatives ... coaxing a seat for me (come on ... I am a patient here ... entitled to some special treatment) ... We met Vedika and Vedant, 16 month olds non-identical twins from Maharashtra ... Vedika will be the marrow donor for Vedant in 6 months time ... We shared some Dairymilk chocholates with these kids ... Shared some chocho cookies with a poor boy who was eyeing them while I was eating ... most of the time - we spent waiting

By 3:00 we still hadn't got a chance to meet the doctor ... Afshan did some running around ... talked to the doctor on phone (our regular consultant was on a week long leave, so we were assigned to an alternate) ... Doc said that he would call us as soon as our file reached him ... The file finally reached the doc by 4 ... consultation was just 10 minutes (all normal ... go get your Chemo ... CT scan report will come by Monday) ... we reached Chemo Room-1 ... nurses gave us a list of Chemo drugs to buy .... finally at 5:00 pm I was one of the last patients to be given Chemo ... The damn thing got over if 45 flat. (finally after that 5 hour wait)

My next Chemo is going to be 15 minutes short ... I plan to talk to my Doctor and work out a way to beat the OPD crowd ...

Clearly OPD at CMC is tough road to walk ... there is such a huge crowd of people walking the same road that one moves at a snail's pace ...


Prabhat said...

Hi Alam, I was waiting for this update on Chemo-7. I am sure the CT-scan report today will be a good news.

After reading the narration about the crowd in the hospital and I am sure there are many such crowded hospitals, I am feeling motivated about working for health of people, especially for next generation i.e. the small children. I am making some effort in ensuring that children get the best from their parents and people around them so that they grow up and build a healthy nation. hope I make a positive effect for this cause.

Anonymous said...

Lady bird here!
I guess by now you shud be aware of a road called Gandhi Rd, jus in front of CMC.If in case, u need some northie stuff!!
One thing i intended to comment last time but forgot!!
As i kid i used to frequent regularly to the mosque in Gandhi Rd, and another one near the Vellore Bus Stand. The Latter is a kin of famous one..!If not for the religious faith, but for the colorful talismans which are said to cast off the evil and fear!And it used to work!!!
I am a christian who visits mosques n darga's but not much aware bot Islam. But i think it might be of some use to you!!If not you, atleast for ur family!!
And beware of thefts in Rajiv Gandhi nagar as it is one of the so-called posh localities !!
(Reading ur blog makes me wonder that the things in Vellore have not changed much in the last 7 years)
I was so much carried away by your level of confidence that makes me write some darn thing out here!!dun mind Huhhn..
Get well soon!

Girijesh said...

Alam bhai ghar wapas ane ki badhai ho. sorry ye comment to last blog par chahiye tha lekin is bar tumane lead le liya maine jab tumhara blog check kiya to 2 unread post mile.
bas dost jaldi theek ho jao. tumhare agale post me bhagavn khoob achchhi cheeze likhvaye tumhare health k bare me:)

prabin said...

you should see the OPD queue in front of the guwahati medical college hospital.... nice to know things are going good.
Rupa and Prabin

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