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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Silent Observer

History, society, economics and communication
they are the themes of this post, this rumination

And why ??..... Because ...

Now is the time to look at these four -
History's in making, like never before
Prejudice's resurgent, hatred is it's core
Profits are moving from shore to shore

and communication ???

cause the net and the bloggers are changing the game
and readers and writers are one and the same
the youtube generation is wielding the mike
professional reporters can go take a hike

I watch from a distance, tune into the climes
A silent observer, I learn with the times
I hope to be smarter and wiser sometimes
-then pour all my thinking in beautiful rhymes


Punit Banga said...

Finally something creative has come out. I thought you were seriously back in the rat race :)

pankaj said...


subbu said...

nice...dude, remember the piece you wrote once while in IIMB for hindu-muslim relations...dunno if it was for an assignment or for the newsletter...can you plz post it or mail it to me...It really spoke to me, and I want to quote a bit of it for a related piece, if thats fine...

jinlin said...

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