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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

...and the days go by

Life, surprisingly, seems to have been split out into two parts ( not very unlike Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde)
The weekdays and the weekends


Day begins early (depends on workload) -->Hop out of bed -->bathroom (shower if I feel like..this is purely optional) --> get dressed -->pick up the apple that mom keeps for me --> hit the road in the 12 year old car..

Drive to work

This is the more interesting part of Morning. I listen to FM (there are three decent channels and a couple of shady ones in delhi) and drive on nice, clean, empty roads (remember its 7 in the morning...Dirty Delhi traffic hasn't woken up yet)
On the odd day, I play a cassette or another...(I have bought many)
i also ravage the apple (the one that my mom gave me) while driving...

In about 50 minutes and I reach office ....parking is no prob....all parking lots in the office are empty, at my inspect, waiting for me to choose one. ( what else would you expect at eight in the morning)


This is the hectic part...I don't want to write too much about it....
Let me limit it to saying that most of the times work is agreeable...put simply: "I don't hate my work".

Drive back to home

Come 5:30 and I start itching to go home.......usually leave by 6

Drive back is more complex than coming to work.
There are many choices to make ( should I take the paid toll bridge....what are the chances of a traffic jam after nizamuddin bridge....should I take the long but relatively less crowded lodhi road...should I call up a friend and fix a coffee date on the way back home ......)

The driving technique is also different.....
One has to weave ones way through the traffic..taking split second decisions on overtaking killer busses...

here's a tip -- honking plays a very crucial role....gone are the days of lusty peep peep ( translation: you lady, are a bomb...and I.. am a lecherous creep) ......one has to employ the long Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeep ( Translation: You driver, are an asshole...and if you don't move out of my way I will drive over you to make this world a better place)

Over the last few months of driving back to home, I have discovered that there are three types of "fellow drivers" that really test my patience

a) The slow motorcycle waala who thinks that he owns the road...and also believes that driving in slow motion (that too in front of my car) is his birth-right..........Such people are incorrigible....they give way only after persistent honking...most annoyingly, they ooze out of any opening between your car and the road divider.....once they have oozed out- they plant themselves right in front of your car and refuse to budge.

b) The kamikaze Auto Driver: This variety waits till you come very near him ....and just when you are about to overtake him....he swerves his auto with a violent lunge...to come right into collusion-course with you.... thankfully "the kamikaze auto driver" swerve back almost instantly (after they have overtaken the "slow motorcycle waala")...an experienced and alert (dilli) driver can prevent collusions by predicting the auto's violent lunges (I told you ..auto lunges only when you are about to overtake it)

c) "STA permit" bus drivers : I know this ...one day, the delhi bus drivers will do the country proud.....they have already learnt do drive faster than the speed of sound....Soon one of them will go faster than light and prove Einstein wrong.

Back to home

After comming home....................
( don't feel like writing more....anyway you wouldn't be reading my boring routine ... cut the long story short...i come home and go to sleep.........will write about the weekend on another day)

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