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Monday, September 13, 2004

Funda of a perfect life

Here's an excerpt from a mail conversation

My friend : Howz life otherwise?

Me : life is going on well...except for the lack of a decent girl ....life is sort of going perfect;-)

My friend : I think the lack of a decent girl is the reason for life going on so perfect ;-)



Anonymous said...

He he he!! gyaan for the month!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like VC wrote that email :)

Anonymous said...

Guess, who is this. This is fucking baccha, the guy you guys made total fun of half a decade back. I don't agree I think a decent girl is very important. Of course you can define decent in your own way. Like decent in bed :-) decent out of bed, decent to look at, decent at heart (wok) etc. etc.

By the way when I woke up today God personally came down and gave me a great piece of advice. I will share with you guys without charging you a 1000 $ fee. He said if you are not getting enough sex get some squash, its almost as good.