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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Big Bang Theory

If you have ever smoked more than two cigarettes a day ...you would know that smoking has a tendency to take over its victim in an all-pervasive grasp. Very much in the manner in which the Hyacinth weed takes over many of India's water-bodies.

Like the Hyacinth, which makes its first appearance as a single leaf or two, smoking also starts with a single puff from a borrowed ciggi.....like it happened to me about 10 years back in the
Cafty next to third mess...in RECW.

Like Hyacinth, smoking rapidly expands. Before you know, you get hooked on to the "post-meal" sutta.....then the "pre-meal" sutta..."pre class"...."post class"...."pre-dump".....the list goes on...

The Hyacinth weed is extremely difficult to remove....if, while removing, a few leaves or plants are left behind ...the remains slowly grow back to cover the lake again. All the Hyacinth has to be removed completely to save the lake.

Same with smoking. I have never seen anyone who voluntarily quit smoking by slowly reducing the number of daily ciggis......It is not humanly possible..........one's resolve breaks before the habit is broken. I myself have tried many a times....reducing is impossible....

What is possible... is sudden break (shock treatment)...

Usually such breaks are inspired by

1. Emotional moms: "....beta merey sar par haanth rakh kar kasam kha ki tu aaj sey is gandi cheez ko haant nahi lagayega..."

2. Concerned Girlfriends / Cute Female Colleagues (most probable: while most GFs know, mothers are rarely privy to the fact that their "pyara beta" smokes) ..

(Something like this happened to me)
Cute colleague: You are such a great guy, i am sure you can leave smoking if you try
you : Well Hmm.. I am sure my will power is strong..so if i don't smoke for a month will you take me out on a treat?
Cute Colleague : Deal
you (sucker): Deal

(This didn't happen to me...but i am sure this method will work)
Girlfriend : You are not getting any further unless you quit smoking
you : Come on!!... i would become a sex starved maniac otherwise
Girlfriend : your choice.....the ciggi or me
you (sucker): Of course you my love....i wouldn't touch a ciggi again...now come on UMMM

Such shock treatment works for a while.... but the chemicals and the urge to smoke eventually wins
in about two days time and makes you into a liar
You: "..Kasam sey maa.. jub sey tuney bola hai mainey haanth bhi nahi lagaya... "
OR else
You: See girl i told you....not even a single ciggi in the past one month. How about that treat now
OR Still
You: Never darling...how can I? I love you so much

To escape becoming a liar …I recommend you try the The Big Bang Theory......

The Big Bang Theory
Next time you have that serious lung infection/Viral/dengue/Malaria ....you would be forced to quit smoking for a week......this is the time when your body will be so seriously screwed by the high_temperature / near_death_experience that it would forget to crave for the ciggi.....

This is the BIG moment to seize.....gather all your will power and resist smoking for a few extra days........BANG ..the quitting will stick.......

Believe me....This works ....your body will be so relieved of escaping the miseries of the illness that it will forget to miss the ciggi... and if your resolve can block the mind from missing the ciggi....you will be free from the crutches of smoking.....

It’s worked on me (14 days since I last smoked) ...no reason why it will not work on you....

This "Big Bang Theory" is the recipe of freedom.....it should be taught in all schools.... and that too
as early as class 8 (which is when a few "brave" boys first venture into the forbidden realm of smoking)


nothing spectacular said...

Very nicely put!! However, what is the antidote to the 'occasional cigarettes while drinking' syndrome??

Manchus said...

Good to know that you are finally trying to quit. Good luck with it.