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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Energy Crisis

As i read more about my own disease, things are becoming clearer. I have discovered that my general disinterest and lack of enthusiasm of the last few months could have been due to fatigue that is caused by the disease...

This has taken a load off ...i had begun to think that i had lost it...that my self-motivation and drive had deserted me for good... Now i can happily blame all the lazy postponements to Fatigue ....how convenient....Great

But on second thoughts...its not very convenient... i have had the fatigued feeling through most of today...so much so that i did not even feel like writing something interesting for the blog.

The only bright spot was a long call from my dear friend "uncle". After that i was charged up for half an hour. I went exercising by walking fast laps around the ward and by going up and down stairs.

That was a temp high.. I am back into today's energy crisis. So i am gonna sign off for the day ...will catch up with you guys tomorrow....

1 comment:

Sonam said...

chal alam bhai..lets work out..!!! lifts weghts and kick some ass!! basically danga fassad!! welcome to the club!