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Friday, January 12, 2007

Things close to My Heart

There are a few things that are extremely close to my heart. So close that some of them completely overshadow my heart in X-ray films and CT scans. They are called lymph nodes, and they have gone berserk. My lymph nodes have been multiplying at such a great rate that i have a 14 X 10 X 8 CM mass instead of the pea-size nodes that normal people have.

This condition of the Lymph is called a lymphoma ( a kind of cancer of they lymph). I found out only yesterday that i have a lymphoma in my chest and that it might be in immediate need of attention. Now i am planning to go to CMC Vellore, one of the better medical facilities in India. There, i will get to know the exact nature and spread of my Lymphoma. Also the intensity and course of my treatment will be finalized.

Hopefully, regular chemo-therapy will put me back into good shape. Will keep you guys updated with this challenging and new phase in my life....


apoorv said...

hopefully you will be perfectly fine very soon. Just be very positive

Subramaniam said...

Hello sir!!
Just saw your latest blog, and your posts about your health...
chin up man!
I'm sure you will be back in good health with the medicines and the chemo...

Take care,

pranshu said...

Need any help scouting publishers for your equivalent of "my journey back to life" ?
Last year, I spent 3 days doing that for a relative of mine - and learnt a lot of Gyan on how that market works.
And also let us know if you developed any special mutant capabilities like the X-men after your high exposure to radio.

Siba Satapathy said...

Hey Alam...

For a person like you, i dont think anything can cause harm to you... It just a passing moment and it will be gone before all of realize... I AM EXTREMELY POSITIVE that you will be out of it SOOOOOOOOOON. We are all standing by you to get you out of it... Just be yourself, the ALWAYS positive person and keep smiling buddy...


Kamesh said...

hey alam,
whats this.. itni tabiyat kharab ho gayi..
well i m pretty positive that u will be back to ur ways.. and am praying for u too.

will call u today. take care and everythings gonna be perfect soon.


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