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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dream TV Channel

I would happily pay huge sums for this TV channel -

Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Amir Khan, Shahid Kapoor ... these along with Bheegi billi and other characters of 9Xm ... singing, dancing and doing stuff that teaches fundamentals of colours, counting, alphabets, size, animals etc etc

My Three and a half year old loves all these characters ... wants us play their songs on the comp ... likes to watch Bheegi Billi... but has totally revolted against learning the regular stuff that is expected from kids his age.



Bland Spice said...

What an idea, sirji.

I can relate to it if in our times the big B along with the Barbapapa pack had taught me on TV.

Nothing Spectacular said...

how about the skimpily clad gyrating women on most songs of 9xm? i thought they were the big attractions :-)

Alam said...

hmm looks like skimply clad gyrating women are "big" attraction for V

Gullu ye Barbapapa kya hai ?

gayatri said...

Skimply clad men and women would be attraction for anyone as long as they have attractive bodies.

Rn't u worried about the negative impact of showing TV/computer to a 3.5 year old? Not to mention the eye strain due to lack of blinking.

jinlin said...

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