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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What should I be doing this year?

So it’s a new year… (not that “new” actually…. about 20 of the 365 allocated days of this year have already gone past)… and Its another year into remission (the test was on 9th, Result came out on 15th – all clean) … so in keeping with long standing traditions (whose logic has not been verified ) it is a good time to take stock of things and then indulge in some wishful thinking for the future..

Before I get into it- acknowledgements -This job was made slightly easy by Gokhale who has already shared his thoughts on the subject … Taking a cue from him... I am making this public declaration of my intentions … With the hope that a positive public pressure will help me meet the targets….

here’s my list

1. Physical wellbeing

1.1. Eat and drink properly- If I do this one correct, a lot of ground will be covered on the health front...
1.1.1. Drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day … spread over the whole day … (baseline – currently irregular, around 2 liters/day)
1.1.2. Eat at regular intervals … with the last meal to be a small one taken before 9 PM ... (baseline - currently last meal is heavy and usually after 9:30)

1.2. Get ample sleep – Sleep, in my opinion, is an absolute must for physical well being … and I think I haven’t been getting enough of it
1.2.1. Sleep atleast 8 hours in a night … (baseline - less than 8 on most nights)
1.2.2. Carry no sleep deficit to next week week …

1.3. Waist and Stamina – Waist is a key downstream indicator… To control waist I will have to get a lot of other things under control… (Much like project tiger… where to protect the tiger the whole ecosystem has to be protected)… The approach is to work away the waist rather than starve to a thinner midsection.
1.3.1. Under 32 inches (baseline -38 inches at the widest :-(
1.3.2. Enough stamina to run a half marathon by the end of the year (baseline 2.5 KM max)

2. Mental wellbeing

2.1. Learn a Language - This is part of a more ambitious target of learning one new language a year . Since I know Hindi and a bit of Sanskrit and Urdu … Persian(Farsi) looks achievable
2.1.1 Work @ 1 Lesson/day on http://www.easypersian.com

2.2. Gyan Recap – Whatever I am supposed to know... Small background- In my student life, I was very efficient… I used to pass most of my examinations with minimal effort … I lapped up the subjects as fast as they were thrown at me… With time (and there was plenty of it) I perfected the art to such an extent that I could pass with very little studying… As a result, I fear that, I might not have learnt as much as some of my more studious mates …To top it up my jobs hardly require any of the learnt knowledge … so I have started to loose the gyan .. I think a recap would be a good idea …
2.2.1. Finish reacp of one broad topic a month

2.3. Write more often – Another background - As I have mentioned somewhere earlier- I was very efficient in childhood…. So efficient that I felt no need to maintain proper homework copies after as early as class 2 … This required a lot of skill in maneuvering myself through the schooling system without getting caught- for some strange reason, my teachers had a fetish for checking homework copies... they kept on asking me for HomeWork copies … I devised many successful ways to give slip to the teachers… As a result of my success in keeping away from homework, I could never get enough practice on writing… Which explains why writing doesn’t come spontaneously to me… It think its time to make amends and therefore I should write more blog posts.
2.3.1. At least 50 blog posts in 2010 (baseline - 4 blog posts in 2009)

3. Relative wellbeing

3.1. Travel more often– Family that moves together, grooves together. I think i should take wife and son out more often
3.1.1. Take atleast 26 leave in this year .
3.1.2. Take Shams to three new places in a month

3.2. Stay in touch with family
3.2.1. Whenever Mom is in Delhi, meet her at least thrice a month
3.2.2. Visit In-laws at least once in a quarter.
3.2.3. Call Mom, Sis and Dad at least once a week.
3.2.4. Call all other relatives at least once a quarter.

3.3. Learn to Invest – Learn and try to limit all the mistakes to now (when I don’t have that much) rather than latter ( when I expect to have more).
Target :
3.3.1. Not lose money

4. Social wellbeing

4.1. Have lots of friends
4.1.1. Connect more often with existing friends
4.1.2. Make atleast 5 new friends outside office

4.2. Cooking – Learn new stuff
4.2.1. Make 6 sets of folks eat lunch/dinner cooked by me (might be counterproductive to social well being , but what the heck)

4.3. Help a few people – People near me, around me

... In earlier times … I used to ask friends to send feedback (on me) on Newyears… Very few replied … lesser number replied truthfully … I can easily trace the cause to the time of the year… Newyear makes people lie and it also prevent them from giving good feedback… all this primarily because people get into the habit of lying while filling their yearly appraisals.... and then some more when they read other peoples appraisals (which they appraise)… too much of appraisals also keeps people from giving good feedback.

Anyways… not much can be done about this … And I am still open to suggestions... So shoot if you have nice targets to suggest to me.


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