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Friday, March 07, 2008

Complan works best on girls

Don't believe me ???

It's not my imagination ... it was proven in a scientific experiment

This well regulated study was started when Ayesha Takia and Shahid Kapoor were kids ... what did you say - they still look like kids !! ... well well ... this was started they were real kids.

At that time, in keeping with scientific temperament and in the quest for the enlightened truth, they were given Complan

A few days back the results were evaluated -

Shahid hasn't done that well ... He has managed to grow just 2 inches more than the average Indian male( avg height 5'5") ... Even today he looks slightly smallish and does boyish things ... Here is a picture of Shahid

, on the other hand, has grown quite well. She is a good 5 inches taller than the average Indian female(avg height 5'0") and is sumptuously endowed in other dimensions too. Latest pic (wearing green) -

Conclusion - Complan definitely has different effects on boys and girls

sources - video by psvyas on youtube, Ayesha from masalaababes Shahid from bollywood.ac
Note - Some of the external sources are not as discrete as I am ... they may carry titillating and objectionable images.


gayatri said...

very interesting. So wot sd young boys have then to grow like a complan girl?
BTW, I wish you had put an as flattering pic of Shahid as you have done of Takia

Alam said...

maybe it would help if guys tried to not be Shahid Kapoor

Bland Spice said...


main bhi complan khata tha - tabhi chhota rah gaya!

gayatri said...

maine complan nahi khaya- thabhi "g" instead of "G" reh gayi

Monsieur K said...


Nothing Spectacular said...

masalababes.com!! kahan kahan jaate ho internet pe :-D... juhi ko pata hai???

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Atticus said...

LOL!!! really funnny piece!