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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


If you are looking at getting a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan done in New Delhi, then getting it done from AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) is an option that you might consider.

AIIMS advantage

AIIMS was one of first few Indian hospitals to set up a PET/CT center. They have (what seems like) competent staff. Very importantly they are much cheaper than the private PET centers.

The drawbacks are -

a) Long waiting list - you have to book well in advance - 1.5 months lead would get you a scan date of your choice ... If you are lucky, you can get earlier appointments ... The more resourceful can try pawwa/jack ... a senior AIIMS doctor (preferably from dept of Nuclear Medicine) would a be an ideal jack

b) Government Hospital treatment - I will not call the AIIMS PET experience bad, but it pales in comparison to the royal treatment given at Apollo PET center at Hyderabad ... AIIMS guys might call you empty stomach at 9:30 in the morning and then do your scan 4 or 5 in the evening ... To be fair they are not totally inhuman - children, elderly and the extremely weak are scanned first ... but still, I think smarter scheduling will result in substantial improvement in the customer experience.


First time scan (full body) - INR 7,500
Subsequent scans - INR 4,000


- PET center is the first building (just one floor tall) on the left .. when entering AIIMS from Aurobindo Marg gate (opposite Safdarjung Hospital)

- For booking a slot, you would need a written test prescription from your doctor . Things would be smoothest if this prescription is from an AIIMS doctor.

- Preferred way of payment is thru bank draft. At the time of booking they tell you the exact amount and details for the draft. I had to get a draft in favor of "Director, AIIMS, New Delhi" payable at New Delhi

- Bring previous scan reports/sheets and diagnosis records/discharge summaries. They might ask for a photocopy of the earlier reports and medical records. A photocopy of previous scan report(from AIIMS) serves as proof of repeat scan (repeat scans are cheaper)

- Bring a one liter bottle of water along. Some types of scans require you to drink a "contrast". The technician makes this "contrast" by mixing something in your 1 liter water bottle.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for information please help in providing other private centers for PET scan in Delhi. My id is noha_neeraj@yahoo.com

Gaurav said...

PET scans are also available in Fortis, Noida, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Rohini, Delhi and Shanti Mukund Curie Cancer Center, Vikas Marg, Delhi.

Apollo Delhi too has PET scan machine but I did not get great reviews on the same.

It costs Rs 20,000 currently.


Anonymous said...

I've just found this conversation while looking for the nest place to get a PET done for my mother who has thyroid cancer. Any info on how good the PET scan in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospi is? Thanks, Nupur

Ramaswamy said...

I am planning a PET scan for my mother , can anyone suggest where i could do this in Gurgaon?


Vipin said...

Artemis Hospital has got PET/CT scan facility in Gurgaon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the useful information. The Medanta The Medicity hospital at Gurgaon is also having PET CT scan facility.I also have to undergo PET CT scan. I live in Gurgaon. If possible, please advise which is the best hospital/centre for PET CT in Delhi/Gurgaon. Again thanking you in anticipation. With regards.

Anonymous said...

Some hospitals in NCR like Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Institute & Shanti Mukund Diwan Chand dont provide CT films along with reports of PET scan. Can anyone from medical fraternity or knowledge of it please guide whether the process and the technology used by them is same as compared to other hospitals like Artemis or Fortis Noida which do provide the films of CT as well along with the reports of whole body CT-PET scan. Also please guide which one is better in case if CT scan with contrast for whole abdomen has already been done.

Anonymous said...

Newest and one of the most modern centre near AIIMS in Yusuf Sarai Main Market in the basement of B L & CO. Chemist shop is Global Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. They have a High Definition Pet and service and reporting is very good and ambience is nice.They also provide CT Films along with Pet films.Telephone No. Is 011-49884988

ALOK GUPTA said...


I want to know about the centers for "DOPA PET SCAN" in Delhi or India. Please help, its urgent.

Anonymous said...

@ alok DOPA PET/CT is only done in AIIMS AND ARMY HOPITAL R&R in delhi

I just read all above comments.... and as a doctor i will suggest you best center for PET/CT in delhi (on basis of cost plus reporting)
1. Dewanchand - cost less , reporting good
2. mahajan ganga ram - cost high repoting ok
3. Rajiv gandhi - cost less repoting poor
4. others - grading lower than this

this is my view as oncologist (sorry dont want to disclose name}

kiruthi ka said...

wow,, Great Post.
Best Hospitals in Delhi

cancersurvivor said...

The Fortis Gurgaon has the time of flight pet ct which has much greater accuracy and lower radiation dose. Give films n CD. Good ambience as well

rahul shah said...

We do pet ct scan at vimhans hospital and we provide ct scan film along with pet ct report

rahul shah said...

We at VIMHANS HOSPITAL has PET CT SCAN facilities in south delhi
contact no 011-29849000-05
Web www.nmc.co.in

We Care India said...

Cancer is a complex set of diseases. Each cancer is unique in the way it grows and develops, its chances of spreading depends on the way it affects one`s body and the symptoms one may experience . Several factors, including location and how the cancerous cells appear under the microscope, determine how cancer is diagnosed. Best Cancer Hospitals in Delhi

Anonymous said...

please tell me best patscan facility in delhi and its costs .reply soon.

Anonymous said...

I Think you must choose vimhans pet ct centre, a hospital based diagnostic centre.

Amit said...

Dear friends never go for PET CT scan in Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital .The report of PET CT scan is pathetic , although I am not a expert but a scan report change the entire treatment. This happened with my uncle treated in Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital . Actually PET CT doctor dr choudhary done great mistake in the report and refused to change even after requested by cancer doctor Dr Gupta. Then by the help of a common friend next scan was done in other centre PET CT in VIMHANS. I respect deeply the young doctor their Dr Ajay , he tells the actual disease and very polite to answer. This my view and I decided to write this due to inhuman behaviour in Rajiv Gandhi towards cancer patients.

Anonymous said...

Thank dear for ur advice

Harish Pachisia said...

I am planning a PET scan for my mother , can anyone suggest where i could do this in BHADURGARH(HARYANA)

himanshubhandula said...

Can someone suggest how is the BL Kapoor hospital for Pet San? Or which which one is best in delhi.

Anonymous said...

for pet ct scan u must choose hospital based diagnostic centre, B.L kapoor is good one otherwise u can go to apollo hospital or vimhans hospital. i think vimhans centre is best option

preventive checkups said...

Thyrocare(Nueclear) Pet-Ct Scan @ Rs 9999/-.
Services Available @ Delhi, Mumbai & Hyderabad.

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