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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scan done

Monday morning I got a PET Scan done. This is the second scan after treatment got over. The previous scan (done in Sep 07) had come out clean. If this one comes clean, then there are good chances that my blood cancer will not come back again.

Results will be out tomorrow.


gayatri said...

Did u said blood cancer? I thought lymphoma was not cancer in blood but cancer in the lymph nodes

Alam said...

G actually Lymphoma is not a cancer of the lymph nodes ... it is a cancer of Lymphocytes .. Lymphocytes are part of the White Blood Cells (WBC) ... WBC in turn are part of the blood ...

So Lymphoma is a blood cancer ... actually the most common form of blood cancer ... other types of blood cancer include Leukemia and Myeloma

The bone marrow , the blood , lymph nodes ...all are very closely connected