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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blood counts slightly up - good sign

Folks short update on top of the last post. My blood counts have started to increase on their own. This is a good signs and shows that body is capable of bouncing back after the occasional strong punch from the Chemo (I guess hour long squash sessions with VC have built up some of this stamina)

Instead of telling stories, I will let the numbers do the talking

Normal Range WBC count(lukocytes) per microliter of blood - 4,300 to 10,800
me after
1st Chemo - 4,700
2nd Chemo - 4,200
3rd Chemo - 2,700
today - 3,000

rest all is fine..steroids are making me pick up fat at all wrong places...I am losing muscle-mass due to lack of exercise. Soon I will be look like a small egg(neck and head) on top of large egg(paunch) with sticks (arms and legs) jetting out in all directions...

Doc says next Chemo will be on Friday (as scheduled) but after a blood count in the morning....

signing off for today....so long


Reena Eshwar said...

Hi Tanveer,
This is Reena... Sundar's wife.Read your blog about steriods .The abnormal fat distribution in 'medical' terms is called lipodystrophy.
Congratulations on this very lucid blog. Reading this I feel like I am reading a medical journal. Gives us all some perspective about your journey thru this. Also helps build a community , a support group. Are there any in Vellore?

jinlin said...

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