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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Chemo 3 - Hair today, gone tomorrow

Here's the short update on Chemo 3. It was on Friday, went on for 7 hours and it went on fine. No lochas, lafdas or any problems whatsoever.

The only noticeable side effect, which I have observed, is that I have started losing my hair at an (note the pun) hair-razing speed. I first noticed this in the bath on Saturday...by today (Sunday) when I tug at a bunch of hair from my head, it just leaves my scalp and sticks on to my hand. Most of my hair don't even need the encouragement of a pluck, they have started falling off on their own. My whole bed is covered with hair, so is my bathroom sink.

While this hair loss is expected, its extent is not. Meaning, I knew that I would go bald, but I didn't know it would be this soon and I still don't know if the whole body is going to lose hair. All I know is that my head is going to be a shinning plate in a couple of day... and it might stop at that ..in which case I would look like "Mogambo"...there is also a possibility that all my body hair- lashes, eyebrows, chest-hair....every kind of hair may fall...if that happens then I would start looking like an overgrown lizard....Maybe then I can call myself by a respectable lizard name like "Comodo Dragon" or "Godzilla"

I have decided that tomorrow morning I will use my skills learnt at IIMB (where I was known as "Alam-Nai" even before I had graduated to become an Alumni) and shear off the remaining growth on my head. If I don't do that, there will be hair: there, everywhere


Sonam said...

alam bhai...yup u experimented a lot on people..me being one and poor subbu (his whole body)!..we were willing guinea pigs

bluesky said...

amazing haircuts those were...fast and no fuss :)

jinlin said...

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