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Monday, February 12, 2007

Sweet Surrender

Yes it is true- The Sweets are going to be surrendered....so will be the chocolates, biscuits and double helping of mom's food....gone are the days of eat, drink and be merry...its good-bye Khana-khazana and hello to Kalahandi
{for those weak in geography- Kalahandi is the place in Orissa, India, where (sadly) starvation deaths are a regular feature}

All my gloating about eating my fill and more (in post "year of the pig") has boomeranged...someone's evil eye ("buri nazar"), someone's voodoo and a lot of jealousy have come together and taken the pleasures of unrestrained hogging away from me.....

Want details?....here the latest "twisht" in my tale -

Fact is that I take a corticosteroid by the name Prednisolone (75 mg daily). Apart from fighting my tumour, It gives me a feeling of well-being and an very healthy appetite.

Now, it seems, it is also giving me hyperglycaemia and possibly insulin-resistance. This means that I have very high sugar levels in my blood ....and possibly, Insulin (the stuff that's supposed the help use-up this sugar) has become increasingly ineffective.(Well, I have pre-existing diabetes trouble- here's my September-06 post on Diabetes)

Yesterday my sugar level was around 425 (normal range 80-140), They gave me a shot of Insulin...the damn thing reduced a teeny-meeny bit to 380.....they gave another shot of Insulin and still blood sugar was 250 at the time I went to sleep. (despite a measly two-chappati dinner)

Now the two ways- other than Insulin, of reducing blood sugar are - controlled diet and exercise. Since I can't exercise too much, the resident doctor has decided that I must be put on very controlled diet. To be precise - a 1500 kcal/day diabetic diet.

1500 kcal/day will probably just about keep me alive and is likely to give me that empty-stomach feeling. What makes it a torture is the fact that Prednisolone will make me feel hungry, while rest of the Chemo-drugs will give me nausea on empty stomach. This has put me in a really tight spot - one right between the rock and a vary hard place.

So today,I have decided to be nimble and tactful with the dietician, maybe I can negotiate some tasty food and space it well enough to beat the hunger-spasm and the nausea.

Don't know if it will work......lets see......


Anonymous said...

You should eat foods like oat meal, broken wheat (cracked-wheat), millets which are all high in fibre/proteins and very low in sugar.

There is a 'finger millet' that we call 'Raagi' in Kannada. Raagi-balls is a popular dish that is made from this millet. It might be worth while enquiring if you get this in Vellore.

I remember the time when you ate two ice-creams in Delhi when we met last ....for I had never seen any one eat one and go back and by another!

Also, in the same meeting, remember when I asked the guy for an extra cup to double up on the one I had for it was too hot to hold - he said "Sir, that would be extra"!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alam,
Get well soon. I know it's a difficult time, but you will sail through this... and before you know it, you will be back to your usual hogging habits.

btw: Shums looks so much like you.


Sonam said...

fight jaari rakho alam bhai..

subbu said...

hi dude...
abe saala...khaana pina band...now is when i can understand ur pain...;-)
neways...my dietary 2 cents - eat so-called negative calorie foods - spinach, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage - so called 'coz the body spends more calories digesting them than it gains from them...and try eating 5/6 small meals a day instead of 3...will stop the feeling of being hungry...

Anonymous said...

Dude, Take care. Everything shall be fine. Your struggle is strength for all of us.


jinlin said...

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