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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chemo 4 - Should be smooth sailing now

Chemo 4 was possibly the easiest and fastest of all Chemo's. Chemo-nurse started an IV --> put a saline line on one valve --> Vincristine and Bleomycin were side-pushed (from the other valve).. and in 5 minutes flat and it was all over...short and simple.

From now on, I expect nothing but smooth sailing in the next 8 Chemo cycles.It's Just that the blood counts should hold on. WBC is still at 3000, but... the good news is that these WBC(leukocytes) are mostly "Neutrophils" (80% of WBC). Neutorphil is the stuff that eats up infection casing bacteria, fungi etc.... With about 2400 Neutorphils/Microliter of blood..I still have a decent cover against infections.

With this stable situation, I will leave hospital and move on to the temp-home that Amma and Afshan have set up in Vellore( prolly after Monday's blood counts at the hospital). Then I would need to visit the hospital only once a week to get my Chemo.

Actually, I could go back to Delhi and take remaining Chemo there....but I prefer to stay in Vellore...the deciding factor is not the Chemo, but management of any possible complications. For managing the unexpected odd situations,I would prefer CMC over any place in Delhi. Not that I want an odd situation to arise, but just to be on the safe side if it did.

Rest all is good, I am itching to leave the hospital. The room and the surrounding are chipping on my sanity. I wonder how people keep their heads from going bonkers when they have to stay on for months (some critical patients have to... someone in my ward once stayed for 5 months)

I asked the 5 month-stay fellow, how he deals with it. (Actually he has been fighting Bone marrow cancer for an impressive 6th year now)...He said......

We Cancer Patients are "Thick Skinned Buffaloes"

Interesting words...I guess hope/faith and thick-skin keeps a lot of us guys in good fighting spirits.

With that, your thick skinned friend would take your leave..got breakfast to catch up with....Will keep you guys posted..cheers


shashank said...

hi, good to read up on progress. And happy that things are going good. Still praying for you ..
The temp-home has a net connection, right? I'll talk to you some time.

bluesky said...

to ab tum bb say buffalo ho gaye :)

nothing spectacular said...

great news!!

jinlin said...

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