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Friday, February 09, 2007

The year of the pig

The Chinese new year is round the corner. Come 18 February and it will be the year of the "Pig"...yeah I know some people like to call it (inoffensively) "boar" , but boar is so bore...for me its just the year of the P I G - pig.

And in keeping in tune with the season, I am on a hogging spree..I am eating in almost every waking hour of my life...all thanks to some healthy appetite generated by Prednisolone

here's a sample
05:00 AM - Make Maggi at the "no cooking allowed" heater and eat
06:30 AM - Bread jam or banana or biscuits
08:30 AM - Two helpings of breakfast. Including at least two eggs and bread. idlis vadas/ pongal
10:00 AM - Puri-bhaji from YWCA canteen
10:00 - 12:30 - Anar, Mausambi, Kharbooz, Tarbooz and Banana
12:30 PM - Chicken Soup
01:00 PM - Home cooked food....Gosht or keema enough to feed a baby elephant
03:00 PM - Samosa/Cutlet
05:00 PM - Two masala dosas from YWCA canteen
07:00 PM - Dry chicken and veg-soup
07:45 PM - Home cooked dinner

End result. Blood sugar count of 350 and an injection of insulin from the ward nurse.

The interesting thing is that even after giving a free run to the "pig" inside me...my weight's holding on to 73-74 KG levels...Hope all this eating comes handy ...today is another chemo day


Anjana said...

good luck with the chemo today...

Anonymous said...

All the best with chemo. If a gujju had to ask about ur treatment, he wud ask, "Chemo cho?"


sainal khan said...

so finally ur appetite has come at par with me :P
best of luck for da chemo bhai!!!
apna khayaal rakhiyega!
love to samzee and appi

bluesky said...

abay update dena bay, jab bhi samay miley

Vikram Kumar said...

Alam bhai,
Start Yoga, deep breathing and stretching exercises... find some Yoga instructor do Suryanamaskar and pranayama's.

good for positivity, muscle stretches and lungs..

All the best


apoorv said...

I over estimated my waist size and bought a couple of 36'' trousers. I think i'll gift them to you now.

How did the chemo go?

jinlin said...

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