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Thursday, February 15, 2007

February 14

Yesterday was Feb 14 - St Valentine's day. It's also my nephew Kabir's birthday..so for me.. its more Kabir's Day.. (without the St or "Sant"..hello.. I am talking my nephew here). Kabir turned 3 yesterday .....and from his pictures I can make out that there's a cute little Alam who will (in true Alam tradition) be super-hit in Switzerland(that's where he lives).

There's another 3 year old ...who was on my mind yesterday... He is two rooms away from me and has come all the way from Peshawar, Pakistan. This little kid has Thalassemia Major. The disease will leave him with a compromised quality of life and life-long dependence on blood transfusion. He has come for a bone marrow transplant- the transplant is the only hope against life time of transfusions. Guess his marrow donor....it is his younger brother...who is just 2 years old.

The ironic part in his story is ...that Thalassemia could have been avoided by a simple screening test (a blood test). This child's, his younger brother's and his whole family's troubles would never have risen if his parents had known about the Thalassemia test and had bothered to get the screening done. Indians are prone to Thalassemia and must be careful.

I think Valentine's day is just the right day to remind all you wonderful couples out there..If you are planning to start a family..please don't forget the Thalassemia test along with other pre-pregnancy and post pregnancy screening tests. I have seen many Thalassemia children in the ward here...believe me folks the risk is just not worth taking.......remember you owe the test to your kids....

With that message ..me signs off.....will send you a pre-Chemo update tomorrow morning.